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Mission & Purpose

Our mission is to empower our program members to remain engaged in their recoveries, take responsibility for their actions and personal obligations, and move toward the futures they want for themselves. The Matt Talbot Center exists to meet the needs in spirit, mind, and body of those that come seeking assistance. We work with our program members to provide individualized, holistic addiction treatment services that form a foundation from which they can remain engaged in their recoveries and move toward responsible and fulfilling futures.

Our Story

The Matt Talbot Center (MTC) was founded in 1985 by Gregg Alex, Thomas Zurcher, and other Seattle businessmen who wanted to impact homelessness in the city. MTC started as a day center providing food and relief from the streets for community members in need. Over time, MTC's founders and staff recognized the need to address the root causes of poverty and homelessness, and the Center expanded its services to offer an intensive outpatient addiction recovery program and wraparound services.

In the decades it has served the Seattle community, the Matt Talbot Center has expanded its programs and evolved to implement informed, effective strategies that address the immediate and long-term needs of the individuals it serves. Today, MTC is a Washington state licensed clinical outpatient addiction recovery program that serves adults age 18 and up experiencing addiction, homelessness, and mental health issues. Our work continues to evolve with the needs of our community and is shaped by clinically proven best practices, industry standards, and a community-driven approach.

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