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Support Group

Mission & Purpose

The Matt Talbot Center provides a shared path for individuals desiring to change their lives by becoming clean and sober in a way that addresses housing, health and other basic needs, and vocational goals while providing spiritual ministry to those who seek it. Our mission is to empower our program members to remain engaged in their recoveries, take responsibility for their actions and personal obligations, and move toward the futures they want for themselves.

We work with our program members to provide individualized, holistic addiction treatment services that form a foundation from which they can remain engaged in their recoveries and move toward bright, fulfilling futures.

The Matt Talbot Center exists to meet the needs in spirit, mind, and body of those that come seeking assistance.


Long-Term Support for Long-Term Success

  • Our program addresses the root causes of addiction and homelessness and creates an environment where members can safely learn about and work on their triggers, past traumas, and unhealthy behavioral patterns


  • We equip members with the tools and resources to remain sober, avoid re-experiencing homelessness, and reach others in their community impacted by these issues


  • We provide members with a combination of holistic support, personalized care, wraparound services, and compassionate professionalism that sets them up for long-term success


  • Our program is set apart by the level of care and range of services we offer at no charge and with no insurance requirement

    • This means that program members never pay out of pocket and are never turned away due to a lack of insurance coverage

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